Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Makagiga 3.8.2 released


Bitcero said...

Hello, Makagiga is excellent, the interface is amazing and also its functionality. I found a Makagiga by chance when looking for applications GTD (get things done), I think you can make known within the field of GTD applications that can serve perfectly and much better than a lot of other applications.

I humbly 3 suggestions.

1 You can give some sort of integration Online:
Sincornizar plugin calendar with a calendar of Gmail
An email plugin that allows to schedule tasks with some rule by ejmplo all unread messages in the inbox with subject Makagiga are imported as tasks?

2. consider changing the logo?, I do not want to be rude but for an application like Makagiga i don't like the logo. It is more, putting it next to my favorite icons reminds me of an old Win98 application.
is only a suggestion to consider i do know if It have a sentimental value that may be offending that is not my intention.

i know the hundreds of hours that must be dedicated by talented people to make this great application and the great effort that the only study of the suggestions require.

again congratulations and Thanks!
(Sorry for my english )

Konrad Twardowski said...

Hello Bitcero,
Yes. Currently I'm working on a basic iCalendar support.
This should work with Google Calendar and other online services.

No plans to change this "retro" logo :)
However, in a future I can think about
an alternate icon version with colors that matches
the system icon theme (e.g. Oxygen or Tango or color scheme).

> An email plugin

Good idea. I will consider this,
but I can't promise anything :)