Monday, April 18, 2011

Makagiga 4.0 progress

  • Removing dead/unused code
  • 2011/04: Removing @Deprecated/@Obsolete classes and methods (50% complete)
  • Code refactoring and clean up -> better API (50% complete)
  • 2011/05: Migration to Java 7 and NetBeans IDE 7
  • Application startup optimizations (50% complete)
  • New features and improvements, etc.
  • Public testing (v4.0 Beta 1, Beta 2...)
  • API stabilization (binary and runtime compatibility)
  • Bug fixes, regression fixes
  • 2011/07: Plugin updates
  • No new major features (feature freeze)
  • 2011/08: Final v4.0 release


Thotheolh said...

Good to know the progress schedule is out. Would test the new binaries when they are out in the "playground". Would the migration to Java 7 be downwards compatible to Java 6 and Netbeans 6.9 ?

Looking forward to 4.0. :D

Konrad Twardowski said...

> Would the migration to Java 7 be downwards compatible to Java 6 and Netbeans 6.9 ?

According to Java SE EOL Policy "Java SE 6 will no longer be publicly available after July 2012", so it's a good time to upgrade :) NetBeans 7.0 fully supports the new Java 7 language features (project Coin).

Vernessa Taylor said...

Hi Konrad,

Not sure where to ask question, hope you don't mind it being here.

I made a backup of Makagiga because of moving from PCLinuxOS to Linux Mint. I downloaded an updated version; now wondering how to restore the backup.

Should I just extract backup then copy to the new installation (overwriting existing files)?

Thanks for your help.

Konrad Twardowski said...

You can simply extract backup into:
~/.makagiga (regular version)
or into "portable" directory (portable version, if launched via
After backup restore the ~/.makagiga or "portable" folder should contain
at least "vfs" directory with you personal files.

All other files (makagiga.jar, etc.) can be overwritten with newer Makagiga version.

Vernessa Taylor said...

Hello Konrad!

That worked just fine! I'm using the standard desktop version. Just to be safe, I compared each directory of the new installation with the ones in the backup, then copied over all files except the ".properties". That might have been an unnecessary precaution. :)

Thanks for your help. Really pleased with Makagiga and thanks for keeping it up to date. looking forward to version 4.

Konrad Twardowski said...

> then copied over all files except the ".properties"

Note that Makagiga may ignore "vfs" folders with missing ".properties" file. It will be fixed in future Makagiga versions.