Monday, August 20, 2012

QR Code generator plugin (experimental ;)

Mobile Barcode plugin allows you to display any text or link as QR Code image which can be quickly captured and decoded using your barcode scanner.

Example: Show barcode for a Link Address

Example: Show barcode for a selected text

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

JGoodies Looks Look and Feel

Another great LAF plugin for Makagiga 4.3.1 Beta :)

JGoodies Looks can be downloaded and installed via menu bar -> Tools -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins. To change default color theme, go to menu bar -> Tools -> Settings -> Look And Feel, and click Settings button...


Monday, August 13, 2012

Updated Sea Glass Look And Feel (v0.2 Beta)

The new version can be downloaded and installed via menu bar -> Tools -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins.

Note that it's still Beta so you may notice some bugs and other visual issues ;)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updated Digital Clock widget

Now with Time Zone support:

Unfortunately Analog Clock widget will be updated later...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Makagiga 4.3.1 Beta released :)

RSS Feed Viewer

  • Show custom icons
  • Added "Status" column
  • Show full link address instead of "Complete Story" text

Customizable article list font:


Searching by date (Ctrl+F7)


New "Add Task" menu item with new input dialog (see Edit menu)

First day of week configuration (Tools -> Settings -> Tasks)

Link Plugin

Added "Open selected link" action to the Tree context menu:

Scripting (custom toolbar actions)

Added "Show Button Text" option:

Monday, August 6, 2012

Map Viewer

Map Viewer plugin allows you to view maps provided by OpenStreetMap.

How to Start

  1. Click menu bar -> Tools -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins and install "Map Viewer"
  2. Restart Makagiga
  3. Click New -> Map Viewer
  4. The plugin is unsigned so it will trigger a Security Manager warning (new feature in Makagiga). In this case you safely grant permission to "Cache" and "Internet/Network" elements. Just click "Do not ask again" and "Allow". Makagiga Security Manager is still experimental - please report all related bugs :)

Basic Navigation

  • Mouse Scroll - zoom in/out
  • Mouse Drag - move map
  • Keyboard Arrows - move map
  • See Edit and View menus for more functions

Known Issues

  • All downloaded images are stored in "cache/{e26fd670-7e65-4ec9-be28-1ff06285e58a}" directory. You may want to remove this folder manually to free up some disk space.
  • No built-in search function yet. As a workaround, you can paste a permalink from Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, OpenStreetMap or Google Maps.
  • I hope all the above problems will be resolved in future versions :)

Map Viewer plugin uses a modified JMapViewer component licensed under GPL.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A03 Look And Feel - custom colors

The recent A03 plugin (v4.0.8) allows you to change default color theme for all buttons, input fields, etc.

To set custom color click menu bar -> Tools -> Settings -> Look And Feel -> Settings button.

This feature requires Makagiga 4.3 Beta.

In similar way you can change Nimbus colors, too :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's new in Makagiga 4.3 Alpha 1?

Todo Lists

  • Added "Task Properties" toolbar button
  • Group tasks by week and month ("This Week", "This Month")
  • New date/time format
  • New task color rendering

EXPERIMENTAL: Repeat rules for recurring tasks

  1. Click Task Properties -> Edit Repeat Rule
  2. Click Task Properties -> Apply Repeat Rule or mark task as "done" to automatically set next date

Day Tags

It's a simple visual reminder displayed in Calendar widget or Calendar tab. Click on a day button to add a new Tag/Category.

EXPERIMENTAL: Security Manager

Security Manager can detect and block suspicious plugin activity such as unauthorized file system access or Internet connections.

You can download the latest Alpha version and full ChangeLog from

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New plugin: PgsLookAndFeel (beta)

PgsLookAndFeel is a small and lightweight UI style with 6 different color themes. (see menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Look and Feel to select a new theme)


Plugin Package

Plugin Source | LAF Source (fork)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Makagiga 4.1.1 Alpha 2 and Weather widget

Makagiga 4.1.1 Alpha 2

This alpha release brings bugfixes, minor improvements and API updates. Please test and report all bugs :)

Weather widget

A new small widget that displays a current weather condition. It's based on the Yahoo! Weather service.

  • Right-click on a widget and select "Settings" menu item
  • Click "Set Location", find your city, and click "OK"
  • It requires Makagiga 4.1.1 Alpha 2


You can get the above files from