Monday, May 6, 2013

What's new in Makagiga 4.9 Alpha 1?



Show alarm count in system tray icon (see menu bar|Tools|Settings|Tasks):

Redesigned and cleaned up task properties menu. The new popup menu is more compact and contains less menu items. Frequently used actions are now displayed as buttons instead of submenus.

Notepad Preview panel

Makagiga can now open linked documents in tabs instead of in an external application. You can combine this feature and Markup Preview/Wiki Tools plugin to create a basic wiki-like system.


Added function to remove existing document password protection (see Properties|Set Password...|Remove Password button).

User Interface

Option to set icon size in Sidebar or Tabs. By default Makagiga uses small icons in both tabs and sidebar buttons. Since version 4.9 you can uncheck "Small Icons" option to use larger icons.

Hold right-mouse-button and move cursor to list all matching mouse gestures. You can still press F1 to see ALL gestures.