Monday, March 17, 2014

Makagiga 4.99 Alpha 1 (preview)


User Interface

  • NEW: Now you can use Ctrl+Mouse Wheel to zoom in/out in all tabs (like in web browsers)
  • New default colors, bug-fixes, and minor tweaks
  • NEW: Highlight found text keywords in list views:
  • New Splash Screen ;)


NEW: AES-128 file encryption (password protection). NOTE: To decrypt such file you need Java 8 and Makagiga 5.x. You can still select an older encryption algorithm for compatibility with Java 7/Makagiga 4.x.

Feed Viewer

NEW: Customizable background, text, and link colors:


  • NEW: Text auto completion (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • NEW: Added "Line Width" and "Margin" options:


  • Background and Title color preview:

Compatibility with Makagiga 4.12

  • All plugins should work with Makagiga 5.x. Click "Update Plugins" to ensure all installed plugins are up to date.
  • Some JavaScript scripts may need update to work correctly with the new Nashorn engine (to be documented).

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Makagiga 4.11 Alpha 1 (preview)

This preview version includes some new features as well bug-fixes and minor UI tweaks. Please remember that this is a test version and may be more unstable or buggy ;)

Download Alpha


Repeat Rule editor: Month calendar preview for Daily/Weekly rules

Marking tasks as done directly from the left sidebar (see context menu)

Plugin Installer

Allow multiple plugin or file selection (hold Ctrl key and click to select more items)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

4.9.1 Alpha 1 ready for testing

Feature highlights:

RSS Feed Viewer

(Re-)Added "Load and Show Full Page" option. This is mostly workaround for RSS feeds that displays only part of the full article. Now you can view the Dilbert comic strip again ;)


Added "Duration" column for easier and more detailed time scheduling:

User Interface

  • Any date/time input field now allows you to copy date in a preferred format
  • Calendar Widget: Added "Maximize" button. It's a conveninet shortcut for menu bar -> Tools -> Calendar