Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Password Protection and Encryption

Password Based Encryption (PBE) allows you to protect particular files with password. This feature will be available in version 3.5 Beta.

How to

1. Open "Properties" dialog for the file you want to encrypt.

2. Click "Set Password..." to change or set a new password. If the file is already encrypted you will be asked for the current/old password.

3. Click "OK" to encrypt file.


Due to security reasons the following features are disabled for encrypted files: Searching by file content, Tasks in the Summary panel and Alarms, Thumbnail preview, Previous files versions, Image preloader.

Supported Files

It is possible to encrypt the following file types: Notepad, To-Do List, Link, and Images.


Thotheolh said...

What cipher is used for encryption ? Is it AES ? Blowfish ? RC 4 ? Is it 128 or 256 bits encryption ?

Konrad Twardowski said...

The encryption uses TripleDES algorithm. I think support for more algorithms like AES or Blowfish will be added in future versions..

Thotheolh said...

Thanks. That would be good.