Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's new in Makagiga 3.8.7? (alpha, unstable)

You can download the latest alpha snapshot here:

Main window

  • Tab on top like in Firefox 4 ;)
  • Main tool bar is now hidden by default
  • Tab colors (a small line above tab title)


  • Widgets on tab bar
  • Removed "Show Widgets" button (you can still press the F5 key to show/hide widgets)
  • Internet Search panel is now available as widget
  • Improved support for drop shadow plugin

Look and feel preview

Updated Substance plugin

1 comment:

Thotheolh said...

This version would be an interesting one and I would consider it a marked improvements in terms of GUI.

The emulation of Firefox to have tabs and IE's colour markings for tabs are great.

Having the widgets kept in a tabbed panel is a great idea. Hopefully it would allow multiple tabbed widget panels instead of desktop panels.

Maybe each widget desktop panel should be allowed to either set a general wallpaper across all desktops or each desktops can select their own wallpaper so that the user can have more control over how their desktop panels looks.

The Look and Feel control panel looks more advanced and gives users more control over their look and feel.

Overall a good job. Keep up the good work and waiting for a stable release soon :D .