Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's new in Makagiga 4.3 Alpha 1?

Todo Lists

  • Added "Task Properties" toolbar button
  • Group tasks by week and month ("This Week", "This Month")
  • New date/time format
  • New task color rendering

EXPERIMENTAL: Repeat rules for recurring tasks

  1. Click Task Properties -> Edit Repeat Rule
  2. Click Task Properties -> Apply Repeat Rule or mark task as "done" to automatically set next date

Day Tags

It's a simple visual reminder displayed in Calendar widget or Calendar tab. Click on a day button to add a new Tag/Category.

EXPERIMENTAL: Security Manager

Security Manager can detect and block suspicious plugin activity such as unauthorized file system access or Internet connections.

You can download the latest Alpha version and full ChangeLog from makagiga.sourceforge.net/playground/latest/