Thursday, October 31, 2013

Makagiga 4.11 Alpha 1 (preview)

This preview version includes some new features as well bug-fixes and minor UI tweaks. Please remember that this is a test version and may be more unstable or buggy ;)

Download Alpha


Repeat Rule editor: Month calendar preview for Daily/Weekly rules

Marking tasks as done directly from the left sidebar (see context menu)

Plugin Installer

Allow multiple plugin or file selection (hold Ctrl key and click to select more items)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

4.9.1 Alpha 1 ready for testing

Feature highlights:

RSS Feed Viewer

(Re-)Added "Load and Show Full Page" option. This is mostly workaround for RSS feeds that displays only part of the full article. Now you can view the Dilbert comic strip again ;)


Added "Duration" column for easier and more detailed time scheduling:

User Interface

  • Any date/time input field now allows you to copy date in a preferred format
  • Calendar Widget: Added "Maximize" button. It's a conveninet shortcut for menu bar -> Tools -> Calendar


Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to import your old Google Reader RSS subscriptions

1. Download your Google Reader data

  1. Login and download your Google Reader data via Google Takeout (until July 15, 2013)
  2. Click Create Archive -> Download
  3. Unpack the downloaded * archive (it should contain subscriptions.xml file)

2. Import the data (XML, OPML) into Makagiga

  • Launch Makagiga
  • Right-click and select menu Import -> Import Feed List
  • Find and select the Reader/subscriptions.xml file then click Import to finish

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Plugin: Font Awesome Icon Theme

It's a Font Awesome-based, customizable icon theme for Makagiga 4.8+, inspired by this blog text.

Colorization Enabled (default)

Colorization Disabled (see Makagiga settings)

Custom Icon Color

Custom Icon Color (dark Look and Feel theme)

To install this icon theme, click Tools -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins. You may also need to disable other installed Makagiga Icon Themes (e.g. Tango).

Monday, May 6, 2013

What's new in Makagiga 4.9 Alpha 1?



Show alarm count in system tray icon (see menu bar|Tools|Settings|Tasks):

Redesigned and cleaned up task properties menu. The new popup menu is more compact and contains less menu items. Frequently used actions are now displayed as buttons instead of submenus.

Notepad Preview panel

Makagiga can now open linked documents in tabs instead of in an external application. You can combine this feature and Markup Preview/Wiki Tools plugin to create a basic wiki-like system.


Added function to remove existing document password protection (see Properties|Set Password...|Remove Password button).

User Interface

Option to set icon size in Sidebar or Tabs. By default Makagiga uses small icons in both tabs and sidebar buttons. Since version 4.9 you can uncheck "Small Icons" option to use larger icons.

Hold right-mouse-button and move cursor to list all matching mouse gestures. You can still press F1 to see ALL gestures.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

4.7 Alpha 1

This is a summary of changes in Makagiga 4.7 Alpha 1.


Grouping tasks by Category, Priority, etc. (click Tasks -> Filter -> Group By):

EXPERIMENTAL: Basic Markdown Syntax support in Summary column (see menu -> View -> Markdown Syntax):

Improved alarm notification window:


Background and text color options:


Tab History (Ctrl+Shift+T): Group items by date; keep more items in history:


Wikipedia options moved to the "Internet Search" widget menu:


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Makagiga 4.5 Beta released! (+visual guide)

Download and Links


New plain text format based on Org mode:

* TODO Lorem Ipsum [30%]
* TODO [#C] A low priority task
* DONE A task with categories :Starred:Work:
* TODO A task with date/time
  <2013-01-17 Thu 20:27>

To convert Makagiga tasks to plain text simply press Ctrl+C or click menu -> File -> Export. You can also import *.org files and open it using Notepad plugin.

Search and filter tasks by priority type (High, Normal, etc.) and progress (0%, 50%, etc.):

Tasks Summary

Bold font in summary text, minor UI tweaks:

Feed Reader

  • Quick RSS Feed configuration via "Settings" button
  • Bold font for unread RSS articles

Convenient "Block Images" and "Exclude from..." options in "Add RSS Feed" window:


Show quick action buttons in "Plugins" tab and in font chooser dialog:

New and updated icons in many UI elements:

Improved text preview in font chooser dialog:

DuckDuckGo is now the default Internet search provider:

CDE/Motif Look and Feel is back (no screenshot because it's ugly ;-)

Image Viewer

New navigation between images. Hint: Press Space/Backspace to open next/previous image:


Larger text cursor width in text editors. Improved HTML rendering in Preview panel...

"Login" Plugin

New Login plugin allows you to set Master Password which can be used to encrypt/decrypt your Makagiga documents with single-click.