Thursday, January 17, 2013

Makagiga 4.5 Beta released! (+visual guide)

Download and Links


New plain text format based on Org mode:

* TODO Lorem Ipsum [30%]
* TODO [#C] A low priority task
* DONE A task with categories :Starred:Work:
* TODO A task with date/time
  <2013-01-17 Thu 20:27>

To convert Makagiga tasks to plain text simply press Ctrl+C or click menu -> File -> Export. You can also import *.org files and open it using Notepad plugin.

Search and filter tasks by priority type (High, Normal, etc.) and progress (0%, 50%, etc.):

Tasks Summary

Bold font in summary text, minor UI tweaks:

Feed Reader

  • Quick RSS Feed configuration via "Settings" button
  • Bold font for unread RSS articles

Convenient "Block Images" and "Exclude from..." options in "Add RSS Feed" window:


Show quick action buttons in "Plugins" tab and in font chooser dialog:

New and updated icons in many UI elements:

Improved text preview in font chooser dialog:

DuckDuckGo is now the default Internet search provider:

CDE/Motif Look and Feel is back (no screenshot because it's ugly ;-)

Image Viewer

New navigation between images. Hint: Press Space/Backspace to open next/previous image:


Larger text cursor width in text editors. Improved HTML rendering in Preview panel...

"Login" Plugin

New Login plugin allows you to set Master Password which can be used to encrypt/decrypt your Makagiga documents with single-click.