Monday, March 17, 2014

Makagiga 4.99 Alpha 1 (preview)


User Interface

  • NEW: Now you can use Ctrl+Mouse Wheel to zoom in/out in all tabs (like in web browsers)
  • New default colors, bug-fixes, and minor tweaks
  • NEW: Highlight found text keywords in list views:
  • New Splash Screen ;)


NEW: AES-128 file encryption (password protection). NOTE: To decrypt such file you need Java 8 and Makagiga 5.x. You can still select an older encryption algorithm for compatibility with Java 7/Makagiga 4.x.

Feed Viewer

NEW: Customizable background, text, and link colors:


  • NEW: Text auto completion (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • NEW: Added "Line Width" and "Margin" options:


  • Background and Title color preview:

Compatibility with Makagiga 4.12

  • All plugins should work with Makagiga 5.x. Click "Update Plugins" to ensure all installed plugins are up to date.
  • Some JavaScript scripts may need update to work correctly with the new Nashorn engine (to be documented).