Saturday, September 20, 2014

What's new in Makagiga 5.0.0 - screenshots

It seems that it took me almost 2 months to write this post ;-)

User Interface

Updated Metal look and feel (it's called "Modern Metal" in Makagiga). Hopefully, version 5.1 will bring more tweaks.


New (experimental) syntax highlighting in Notepad editor (see Tool Bar or Menu Bar|View). The old Syntax Highlighting plugin is no longer supported in Makagiga 5.x. Makagiga plugins such as Markdown Preview will provide more syntax highlighters for various markup languages...


Search results in table views are now highlighted.

Feed Viewer

Preview in RSS Filters window:

Color Choosers

  • Added "Retro" color palette
  • Added black and white colors to the default "Oxygen" color palette
  • Show "Current" color in dialog window
  • Added History menu (recently selected colors):


Built-in script editor brings new output/error console, configurable font, and JavaScript syntax highlighting by default.

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